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Changing Habits

Like many people in the past you have set yourself goals only to discover that was the easy part. The more challenging part is staying focused and seeing things through. It is believed that 90 percent of success is down to preparation, so getting you in the right state of mind means the difference between success and failure .

Over the years we programme our minds with different patterns and behaviours, known as habits or ‘autopilot’. This can be really handy at times, however what happens if this habit is unhealthy and you want to unlearn this behaviour. This can become a challenge as our subconscious is very effective at hanging onto habits. So in order to change this behaviour you will need to reprogram your mindset.

Have a think about what habits you have developed over the years, would you consider these are healthy? Do they make you happy? Do you want to change some?

Below I have given some examples how to start slowly but effectively to change habits. This way you will not feel overwhelmed.

1. Read a different newspaper or magazine

2. Take a different route to work

3. Be adventurous with food, explore something different

4. Reach out to a long lost friend

5. Go to the cinema by yourself

6. Join a local networking group

7. Explore exercise, or if you already workout, try something new

8. Step out of your comfort zone, do something you would not normally do

9. Sit in a different place at work

10. Change the furniture round

11. Change your hair style

12. Look at your self-care, do you have one!

13. Slightly change the daily routine, everyday does not have to be the same!

Research has shown that people are most likely to make changes in their lives when two things happen. The first significant life change can be a relationship breakdown, moving house or a change in job. The second is when we feel we have ‘had enough’, this can be the result of an embarrassing moment, illness or injury, a negative comment from either a friend or family member or when we just feel we cannot cope and something needs to change.

So, instead of waiting for that moment to happen, take control and make subtle changes today. Think about your habits, do they make you happy! If not, what can YOU do to change them?

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