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2020 Resolutions

Although it may be deemed tradition to make New Year’s resolutions, these can be difficult to stick to and motivation can prove challenging after a few weeks into the New Year.

Have you considered instead of making two or three big resolutions for 2020, why not break these down into small monthly achievable goals. These will keep you more motivated for the year and these positive habits will start to flourish as you go through the year. Leaving you feeling more in control, motivated and fulfilled.

Here are some ideas for monthly goals that can be implemented:-

1. Explore interests. We spend the majority of our month working or caring for family. Look at what activities make us happy.

2. Learn something new. Exercising the brain is a way of developing our skill sets and expanding on our career opportunities. Look at distance learning, workshops at the local library, or look into community college classes.

3. Support networks. Look at the relationships that you are keeping. It is important that we take care of ourselves and do not waste precious time or feelings of devotion on people who have no appreciation.

4. Lose weight. Be realistic and well planned. What things can be adapted in your life to support this goal. Implement exercise into your daily routine. Take a walk after dinner, instead of watching TV. Consider joining a weight loss group, if you work better with the support of others. Reduce meal consumption. Think what works best for you.

5. Save more and spend less. Review your spending; this can be achieved by creating a spreadsheet, recording all incoming and outgoings. Review outgoings and look at ways of saving extra cash. Look at changing energy suppliers. Move bank accounts, take advantage of reward schemes. Limit credit card transactions. Write a shopping list, before you go shopping, to reduce spending.

6. Exercise more. Regular exercise is not only good for you physically but can also have a profound positive impact on your emotional well-being. Look at local exercise classes or gyms. Or if the prospect of this is too daunting look at joining a walking group or taking a brisk walk with the dog. This can still have many benefits.

7. Career change. If you are unhappy in your current position, review your values and skills. Brainstorm ideas for career alternatives by researching career options. Research job options, available to you. Try it out, look to volunteer in the field that interests you. Upgrade your skills, Look at ways to develop new skills.

Remember these are personal to you and do not worry about what other resolutions people are making. Focus on the things you want to improve on, not what others want you to.

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