Focused Solutions Fees

If you're really not sure which solution would be best for you, contact me and book a free call/Skype so we can talk together and work out what would be the best way to help empower you.

Life Coaching

Initial complimentary, no obligation consultation in person or via telephone/Skype


Face to face, telephone or Skype and walk and talk support. A session lasts for one hour.

£45 Per Session

Family Coaching

Vital Support Package

3 Weeks Of Initial Assessment

This is where I work closely with a family to gain their trust, identify their strengths and areas of need.


Vital Support Package

6 Weeks of ‘Family Centred’ Support

Following the completion of an assessment to identify the needs of the family, the implementation of a support package is now put in place. This involves practical and emotional face to face support (one to one or as a whole family), telephone support and explore the possibility of signposting to external agencies.


Practical Support Package

3 Weeks Of Initial Assessment

Followed by three weeks of Family Centred Support


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