Family Coaching

I recognise that being a parent can be rewarding, however, there are also times that can be challenging.

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Without realising it is not uncommon for parent(s) to fall into parenting traps when dealing with challenging behaviour. These traps are not evident and can often be repeated when dealing with the same behaviour(s).  As parents we can do the same thing, despite the outcome being similar or worsening. To a parent it can be hard to identify these traps before we fall into them and sometimes even if they are recognised they can prove difficult to break.

It is during these times that families can need help and assistance. At Focused Solutions you are given the opportunity to talk through these complications and explore practical alternatives for dealing with a child's emotional, behavioural, social or education difficulties. I build on existing skills and knowledge and look at developing practical solutions. This is carried out in a safe and confidential environment by applying a non-judgemental empathetic approach.

I ensure that the parent(s) and the child/young person are given the chance to be listened to and look at ways to help manage difficult behaviours and feelings. This is achieved by offering practical parenting advice that is right for your family.  We work in partnership to empower the parent and child/young person to find a way forward that is right for you.

Parenting Advice

Work with parents to gain an understanding of current parenting styles and review what approaches work best for you and your family. Together then look at modifying or introducing new styles that are right for you.  

Understanding and Dealing with Challenging Behaviour in Toddlers and Teenagers

Children and young people can express themselves in different ways, support can be offered to empower parents to install boundaries and offer advice and strategies on how to deal with challenging behaviour.

Positive Discipline

Empowering parents to promote positive discipline techniques by focusing on the positives and support children to gain an understanding of the consequences for their challenging behaviour

Strengthen Family Relationships

I work with families to help them provide an opportunity to strengthen and make stronger relationships within the family home.

This covers many diverse topics including:

Self-Harm - Support children/young people to manage self-harm and work with parents to help them to gain an understanding as to why people self-harm.

Self-Esteem - Support children/young people with low self-esteem. Together we can explore ways to improve self esteem and increase emotional well being. Empower parents to support their child to be resilient and increase self-worth.

Anxiety and Depression - Support children/young people to help manage and improve their mental health. This can be achieved by exploring current coping strategies and introducing new ones that work for them.

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